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Wedding Planners
in Tuscany


Wedding Planners in Tuscany




Wedding Planning Agency


Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Editorial Design

We developed a brand identity for "Wedding Planners in Tuscany," a premier wedding planning agency specializing in creating unforgettable experiences in the picturesque region of Tuscany. Our objective was to convey elegance, sophistication, and the allure of destination weddings in Tuscany through our graphic design and brand communication expertise.

The Identity 

The brand identity for "Wedding Planners in Tuscany" features a unique glyph composed of four overlapped hearts. This custom-designed logo represents the essence of love, unity, and the celebration of lifelong partnerships.


The intertwined hearts symbolize the agency's dedication to crafting personalized and harmonious wedding experiences for couples in the romantic setting of Tuscany. The logo exudes a sense of elegance, capturing the essence of love stories unfolding against the backdrop of Tuscany's enchanting landscapes.

The Identity 

Our brand development process began with extensive research into the target market and the unique offerings of "Wedding Planners in Tuscany." We conducted interviews with the agency's team and gained a deep understanding of their expertise, vision, and aspirations.


Through strategic sessions, we defined the brand's core values, positioning, and aesthetic preferences. This knowledge guided us in shaping the agency's personality and visual identity.