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Brand Identity,  

Digital Communication.

Proposal for Trademark Factory® International Inc., the world’s leading firm in trademarking services.

The project is a friendly gift from Daniel Salvi, founder of the Studio, to Andrei Mincov, frontman of Trademark Factory®, to thank him for the important contribution he’s giving to entrepreneurs in the entire world, through his work as an influencer and expert of trademarking services, subject of great interest and vital importance.

The Identity

The project – characterized by the unique style of the award-winning Italian and Milanese graphic design, among the best in the world – aims at creating an iconic trademark for Trademark Factory®, a complete representation of the spirit of the company.

The symbol – which merges the “TM” monogram and the silhouette of a factory, visible in the negative space – is completed with the “Trademark Factory®” logotype, where the “®” is reported as a consistent reference to the company values and services.

The graphic system designed to support the brand identity is elegant, sober and modern: perfectly in line with the communication of Andrei Mincov and his team.

Blue, the color of trust and solidity, generates contrast with the silver, that gives preciousness and light to the entire brand identity.

The project is functional on every type of gadget and merchandise application, as well as for digital applications such as websites, social media and the official Youtube channel.

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