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The Social Proof


Federico Lazzerini




Book design


Art direction

We designed the book cover for "The Social Proof" by Federico Lazzerini. The cover was created by the creative direction of Daniel Salvi and features a minimal yet effective design that uses typography and photography to convey the book's message. The colors used on the cover are blue and white, which evoke a sense of trust and authority. The cover design was a collaborative effort between Daniel Salvi and Mondadori, a renowned publishing house in Italy.

The Identity 

The book explores the power of public relations (PR) and how it can be used to build online authority and reputation. It provides a number of practical tips on how to create high-quality content, build relationships with the media, and manage your online presence.


We worked closely with Federico Lazzerini to develop a creative concept that was aligned with his message and vision. The design process was a collaborative one, and we worked hard to ensure that the book was exactly as he imagined it.

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