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Studio Legale Sutti


Studio Legale Sutti




Law Firm


Brand Identity, Brand Strategy,
Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy,
Digital Communication.

Studio Legale Sutti, founded in 1953, is one of the most prestigious Italian Law Firms, with a strong focus on Company-Commercial Law and Intellectual property and Competition Law.

We collaborated with Studio Legale Sutti to renew their brand and create new visual standards for their communication.


The Process 

The direct knowledge of the brand and the interviews with its protagonists helped us in the definition of a strategy aimed at the new needs of the studio.

Through a series of strategic sessions, we were able to define the central points of the brand and, therefore, to define its personality, look, and feel.

We have brought the study back to the most effective tone of voice for their positioning through the visual strategy.

The Solution

We brought order to the current communication languages of the brand, creating only one coherent way of representing and applying it.

We redesigned the SLS monogram from scratch, improving it while not changing its appearance: every detail was perfectly calibrated to be in harmony with the internal proportions of the complete trademark, and with the whole communication project.

Thanks to this redesign, the already stunning SLS monogram has reached the best visual standards ever for legibility, uniqueness and chromatic contrast, as proven by the Logo Ranking AI (96 points on 100), that classified it among the best existing logos of all times.

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