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Daniel Salvi with Colors for Peace at the Colosseum to celebrate Peace Day 2023

ROME, 23 September 2023 – The juxtaposition between colors and messages of peace has never been more evident than in the events organized on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.

Daniel Salvi, Creative Director of "Daniel Salvi - Branding & Design Consulting", has joined forces with Vatican Consulting to promote and participate in the events promoted by Colors for Peace in the Eternal City.

All the visual communication of the events was signed by the agency, as well as its main symbol, the polychrome dove of peace that unites the colors of the flags of the whole world which dreams of universal peace , and in particular Italy and Ukraine.

Central Rome witnessed a message of love and hope, carried forward by children around the world, with Rome serving as the stage for this universal expression. The Colors for Peace association, with the visionary leadership of Antonio Giannelli, Mario Gallo, and the collaboration of numerous prestigious entities, gave life to an unforgettable day, which began with theExhibition in the Sala del Cenacolo of the Chamber of Deputies , in which children's drawings told stories of peace and brotherhood.

The emotional culmination of the day occurred in the afternoon at the Colosseum Archaeological Park. There, artistic works from 141 nations illuminated the importance of a future in which peace reigns, further underlining the crucial role that art and design play in communicating such messages. p>

Additionally, Colors for Peace's partnership with the "Peace on Earth: The Art of Nature" event in Washington ensured that Italy's message of peace was heard around the world.

Daniel Salvi declared: It is a privilege and a moral duty to participate in these initiatives: children have always shown us the way to peace and we have the task of amplifying their message".

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