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Category is why none cares about brands

Be the Brand that defines a category.

Be the Category or be nothing

Today we debunk a widespread myth.

People don’t give a damn about brands.

Now I’ll explain you why.

Imagine to be in a bar and you have a sudden desire for an energy drink: unless you have particular preferences as an expert in this marketplace, You’ll tell the bartender: “I’ll take a Red Bull!”

Now imagine instead of having to choose a car for your family and let’s pretend you want it to be safe:

Which car site would you visit first? (I know, you’d look for some online top10 rankings: but the result will be the same, I checked).

The answer is “Volvo”, anyway, right? Whether you said RedBull or Volvo, in reality, you realized that your final choice was not linked to a profound knowledge but to an immediate response of your mind, a categorization.

Becoming “a category” is investing to make one quality the differentiating element of a brand, In order to respond to ONE specific need.

The brain, in fact, to save energy, looks for simple and quick answers and is based predominantly on preconceptions and prejudices become convictions.

So to every need, The brain goes straight to the link that it always had: It goes to the category, It doesn’t really matter what the brand is.

And that single category Makes you automatically a top-of-mind, Impossible to forget.

Maybe you’ll object, telling me that way you’ll take only one category of customers: That’s true, but the numerous past attempts of the most famous brands to extend to other qualities miserably failed.

This teaches us one thing: After all, who tries to please everyone, Isn’t liked by anyone.

Being a certainty, a category, means that you’re putting yourself on a throne from which, no matter what happens, you will never be overthrown.

In two words: no opponents.

So my advice for today is: Choose a category and invest to BE that category.



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