Prometeo Ombrelli

Prometeo Ombrelli

Prometeo Ombrelli is Daniel Salvi’s answer, in collaboration with “Scrambled design”, to the challenge of the Politecnico di Milano to create a strong identity for a common and economic object, such as an umbrella.

The visual identity and a complete and transmedia launch campaign were designed for this hypothetical company.

The naming chosen is inspired by the famous Greek mythological titan, bringer of light and heat, who helps men to protect themselves from the elements sent by Zeus.


The identity

The radiant face of Prometheus, taken from a vase painting preserved in the Louvre, is the iconic image of the brand; it is a reassuring friendly face, guarantor of the protection provided by the product.

A halo, a recurring decorative element, alludes both to a shower of light and protection and to the rays of the Prometheus Umbrella.

Finally, the product stands as a further vehicle of identity and is distinguished by being exclusively black on the outside and silver on the inside, reminding the contrast between the dark and dangerous exterior and the bright and protected interior.


Launch campaign

The communication was linked to the “divine providence” payoff, which puts man at the center as the one who, in a provident way, is able to provide for his protection.

An iconic poster was developed, depicting Prometheus illuminated by the protective light coming from his umbrella.

In addition to a dedicated site, which invites the user to purchase a Prometheus umbrella if the rain is upon us, an art installation has been designed with a special working luminous umbrella, with which the warm light of Prometheus can be radiated.

Client: Politecnico of Milan
Year: 2016
Photos: Federico Regalia
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