I doni di Gea

I doni di Gea

I doni di Gea, an eco-bio and cruelty-free boutique, is a brand that communicats an ideal of perfect harmony and respect between man and nature. Opened in Cecina (LI), it’s a young company that we had the pleasure of launching with an advertising and social campaign.



“I doni di Gea” (“Gifts of Gea”, in Italian) graphically translates the protection and generosity of Mother Earth, combined with the sense of meditation and well-being of those who enjoy her gifts.

Recycled paper, stamps, leaves, and watercolor paints are the basis of the “handcrafted” applications designed.

Special modular business cards have been designed with two stamps, plus a colored background, given by the imprint of leaves, which are different every season.


The launch campaign

In addition to the local advertising campaign, an initiative was conceived linked to the central concept of gift: a series of multi-subject postcards, one for each flower, to be distributed and which would have represented the pass to receive the “First gift of Gea”, a kit welcome.

Client: I doni di Gea
Year: 2016
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