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Goddesses & Muses


Daniel Salvi Art,

Lynk & Co Milan Club




Art Exhibition, Automotive, Event 


Experience Design, Event Organization, Online Advertising, Brand Design, Web Design, Art direction.

We Created the co-branded experience of the  "Goddesses & Muses" Art Exhibition at LYNK & CO Milan Club.


Our Agency not only curated the full event management and advertising, but also the setup of the Art Show, its complete online audioguide and the Special Performance of its opening evening.


Guests both of the automotive brand and the artist could enjoy an unforgettable evening that united two different beauties of technology: the car, making our life easier, and the digital art, making our life more beautiful.

The Solution

The "Goddesses & Muses" Art brand was seamlessly integrated in the LYNK & CO Milan Club, thanks to the functional setting and the co-branded communication material.

The Art Brand merged with the Automotive one even more thanks to the vision of the "01" car model as the protagonist of one of the artworks of the artist.

Creative Team

Creative Director:

Daniel Salvi

Event Manager:

Viktoriia Stanieva


Elisa Ferrara

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