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Luca Rivieri
Graphic Designer
and Art Director

Luca is a Brand Identity Designer with a background and degree in Architecture, bringing a unique perspective to the world of visual identity creation.

With a passion for both aesthetics and functionality, Luca combines his architectural training with a keen eye for design to craft compelling visual identities for commercial entities. His deep understanding of space, form, and composition allows him to create visually impactful brand experiences that resonate with audiences.

In addition to his expertise in brand identity design, he also indulges in the art of motion design. Through the seamless integration of animation and visual effects, he adds an extra layer of dynamism and engagement to his design projects, elevating them to new heights.

From 2019, he has collaborated with a diverse range of clients and design studios, both locally and internationally. This exposure to different cultures and industries has expanded his creative horizons, enabling him to adapt his design approach to suit various contexts and target markets.

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