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I doni di Gea


I doni di Gea




Eco-Friendly Store


Brand Identity, Brand Strategy,
Advertising,  Digital Communication.

We worked on the branding project for "I doni di Gea," a store that sells only products that respect the environment and the animals. The name of the store means "The gifts of Gaia," the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, and reflects the store's philosophy of offering natural and ethical alternatives to conventional products.  We wanted to create a visual identity that inspires customers to adopt a more conscious and holistic lifestyle, taking care of themselves and the planet.

The Identity 

The brand identity for "I doni di Gea" features a logo depicting a lady's face with hair made of leaves. This design symbolizes the store's commitment to nature and reflects its focus on offering organic and environmentally conscious products.


The logo embodies the harmony between personal well-being and ecological values, inviting customers to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

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