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Comune di Nerviano


Comune di Nerviano (Proposal)




City Branding


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Visual Strategy.

The project aimed to renew the image of the city of Nerviano. It was a response to concerning data such as decreasing population, fewer births than deaths, fewer families, and more relocations.


The goal was to create a unique and shared identity for Nerviano, emphasizing the visual elements that make the city stand out and memorable.

The Identity

The identity was built around the colors of Nerviano, which represent passion, unity, tradition, youth, positivity, honesty, and responsibility.


The project highlighted the problems with the city's existing identity, mainly the coexistence of too many emblems, which weakened the city's identity.


A new emblem for the city was proposed to strengthen its identity.

The Process

The process involved creating a coordinated identity for Nerviano, which included two versions of the logo: a standard version and a more ornate or "celebratory" version.

Additionally, an ornamental element was designed, along with visual applications such as business cards, event posters, and territorial communications.

The Solution

The solution provided a unified and coherent visual identity for Nerviano, with applications ranging from event posters to official communications. The design aimed to foster a sense of belonging, participation, reputation, and economic growth.


The operation was generously donated by Studio Daniel Salvi, and the implementation was budgeted for, ensuring no additional costs.

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