When you create your brand, one of the first things you want to do is certainly to celebrate the birth of your new business, through the creation of a graphic identity that represents it. It is therefore essential that the new logo (or “trademark”) is the right one, to maximize the recognition of your company and contribute to the strong increase in its profits.

I want to ask you a question: did you know that the trademark is very often the last thing that is created of a brand?

Did you know that there are some basic steps you should do before your new brand?

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But now let’s go back to the TOP 5 SECRETS for a successful logo design:

there are actually more than 5, but this ranking undoubtedly collects the most important one!

Let’s get started.


🔐 SECRET # 5: It must be unique

Your brand, to be strong on the market and legally protected, must be unique and recognizable by any other competitor: so always be careful if there are trademarks visually similar to the existing ones. You can also do a search for anteriority, to know if you are missing some logos already registered, dangerously similar to the one you’re creating!

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🌅 SECRET # 4: Make your logo evocative

A trademark is evocative when what it expresses emotions or is linked to concepts already known by the observer, that are transmitted as soon as you look at its design. Although the Ferrari logo origin has a much more complex story, the fact that it represents a prancing horse immediately conveys a sense of pride, freedom and speed.

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📖 SECRET # 3: Your brand must be legible

When we talk about readability, we mean that your trademark must be well designed, so as to be understandable in small size, in black and white and even in the presence of movement. The more your logo design is legible in these cases, the more memorable it will be.

A suggestion? Always develop your brands in black and white first!


🔴 SECRET # 2: Simplicity is the way.

The more the mark is simple, the more it will be readable and easy to memorize. The most famous brands in the world use very simple trademarks, precisely because complexity is the enemy of memorization.

A suggestion? Always check that your brand is simple to redesign by hand, after seeing it for a few seconds!


🕐 SECRET # 1: Design a timeless trademark.

Do not bind to fashions: it’s the best way to create a brand that soon will lose all its value and meaning. Always make sure that your logo design follows all the secrets of this list and, furthermore, is designed in such a way that its value and meaning remain unaltered over the next 50 years.

We say it from experience: Timeless branding is our core business.

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