If the most recognizable thing about your business
it’s the photo of your face,
Then your business will not last long.


I see many entrepreneurs convinced
that it’s enough to use their name
and a repeating photo
to create a personal brand
or, worse, the identity of a whole company.

Nothing could be more wrong.

“Branding” is providing to your company
all the elements to be strategically and visually:
* Distinctive
* Memorable
* Attractive
but above all, capable of communicating instantly
what do you do, in which marketplace and pricing you’re positioning yourself
and your values.

I said branding does it instantly,
not by bothering your target for months
with the same Ad on Facebook

All are good to that.

A face doesn’t position you.

It’s like when you meet a person for the first time
and just in the first few seconds, you judge him
in a different way you would do after having known him.

The same is for your brand:
In those few seconds
you can lose an entire sale
or a big growth opportunity.

Don’t leave room for interpretations.

If you want to use your photo,
Don’t use it to represent your business,
But as a further element of connection,
to demonstrate the strong “Human Touch” of your company.

Everything else, leave it to branding.

Don’t let the identity of your business
get old and change with you:

make an immutable icon out of your business,
using the only methodology to give an identity
that will always give you endless value.

You won’t need to use your face anymore.

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